Because Your Customers Deserve World-Class Customer Support

Our model is built on your business receiving high-quality customer service while saving on costs. We do this by being able to offer pay-as-you-go options, where you are only billed for the time we actually spend working on your account

Customer Support for BPO services

24/7 and 365 Support

It can be hard to keep up with the demands of Customer Support, especially with limited time during the day. Working with us as your Customer Service Provider allows us to take that burden away and be available whenever you need us.

Save Time, Money and Resources

In-house Customer Support can be expensive and it’s easy to overspend. Hiring too many agents can be costly, while not hiring enough can hurt your brand and sales. With our pay-per-use plans, you will only be charged for the minutes we spend handling your interactions.

Scalable To Suit Your Needs

If you experience sudden growth, your in-house CS Department may not be able to scale with it. This isn’t a problem if you work with us, you can take advantage of our resources and the built-in structure we already have which allows us to scale with you.

customer service reporting

Complete Transparency

Our goal is to provide you with total transparency when it comes to the service we provide. This includes us proving you with:

  • Weekly/monthly/quarterly reports
  • Sound recordings of our agents
  • Your own unique client portal to access the above

Diverse Client Base & Industry Experience

We are experienced in a diverse range of industries and work with many different clients and their products/services, meaning that when it comes to your business we will be ready to be all in with you.


All of the services are paid for and included in your plan, meaning there are no payroll headaches for you to worry about.

Human Resources

Our HR department ensures that you don’t have to worry about staffing, training, compensation, policies or employment laws as we take care of the hiring and management of the agents.


Regularly hiring & onboarding new staff is costly both financially and time-wise. You don’t have to worry about that when you outsource with us.


We have a dedicated training department that takes care of the coaching and training of new agents.

Quality Assurance

Our number one priority is providing your business with high-quality agents. Our QA department ensures that all staff maintains the high standards that we expect.


Supervising floor staff is essential with any customer service team and your plan includes the supervision of our highly trained Team Leaders.


Purchasing all the necessary equipment for one staff member can be very costly, this is one less headache for you when you choose Koala.


On top of providing high-end equipment, we also only use the best software to match our team’s needs.


Staying on top of your KPIs, targets and goals can be stressful. With us, you get regular reporting on all of your KPIs.

Unique Client Portal

Included with your service is access to your own client portal where you can easily access everything you need (reports, agent profiles, call recordings etc..)

Dedicated Client Manager

Outsourcing may seem daunting at first and that’s why our Client Manager is in constant communication with you, to ensure your vision, mission and goals are being met.


Any and all of our services are fully customizable and flexible to meet your business needs.

Deliver personalized, effortless customer service.

Grow your business exponentially by receiving fast, flexible and reliable Customer Support.