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World-class Customer Care Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing your Customer Service allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while we provide you with quality service & flexible solutions. Here are just some of the Customer Care Outsourcing Services we provide:

Customer Service outsourcing services

We manage and handle of all of your inbound calls.

Using our top tier dialing system we can manage your outbound call needs.

Our agents are experts at multitasking to handle your live chat interactions.

We can create email templates or your use your own to efficiently manage of all your emails.
Managing your own social media accounts to answer questions & queries can be time consuming, our agents are well trained to handle these needs for you.
We have admin specialists that can easily handle all of your data entry requirements.

Our agents don’t only answer calls, they can handle your logistics too.

Order processing and package tracking is one of the most common scenarios of inbound support, our agents are well versed in this area.

When it comes to tech support, our agents are highly capable of resolving any issue. 

Cloud based technology and solutions are key to reducing cost across the board.

Our agents are specialized in resolving any and all complaints by working with your customers while following your procedures. 

We ensure that all of our agents are well trained in retaining your business goals.

Additional Services & benefits

Having your own in-house team can be stressful. Here are some things you won’t have to worry about when outsourcing, as it’s all included with your package:

All of your services are paid for & included in your package, therefore there are no payroll headaches.

Our HR department ensures that you don’t have to worry about staffing, training, compensation, policies, employment laws etc…

Regularly hiring & onboarding new staff is not only financially costly, but it is also time costly. You don’t have to worry about that when you outsource.

As well as hiring new staff, you have to make sure that they are regularly coached to maintain your standards. We have a training dept that takes care of this for you.

Our number 1 priority is providing high quality agents and our QA dept ensures that we are on top of this.

Supervising floor staff is essential in any call centers and your package includes one (or more) of our highly trained Team Leaders.  

Purchasing all the necessary equipment that just one CSR needs can be very costly, this is one less thing to be concerned about when outsourcing.

On top of providing high quality equipment, we also only use the best high end software to match our CSR’s needs.

Staying on top of your KPI’s, targets and goals can be stressful. With us, you get regular reporting on all of your KPI’s/

Included with your service is access to your own client portal where you can easily access everything you need (reports, agent profiles, call recordings etc..)

Outsourcing may seem daunting and that’s why our Client Manager is in constant communication with you, to ensure your vision, mission and goals are being met.

Any and all of our services are fully customizable and flexible to meet your business needs. 

If there are any other services you may require, just let us know and we’ll be happy to find a solution that works for you.

Experience, Knowledge and Outstanding Service at Cost Efficient Prices

With over 30 years experience in the call center industry & by using our expert knowledge, our goal is to provide your business with excellent Outsourced Customer Service at cost efficient prices. Just take a look at our prices or request a quote to discuss your situation further: