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Reasons Why Filipinos Are Great for Customer Service Outsourcing

By November 18, 2022December 14th, 2022No Comments
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Whatever criteria you follow, Filipinos would turn out to be the number one choice for customer support outsourcing.
The many attributes of the Filipino agents that define them as the best are:

Filipinos Have High Literacy Rate

The Philippines has a whopping literacy rate of around 98%, which is higher than most developed countries.
An interesting thing to know about the Philippines, the country produces over half a million graduates every year. Many of the graduates look to make a career in the BPO sector, the reasons being competitive salaries and great career opportunities.

Filipinos Have a Vivid Cultural Background

Communication and interaction are two different components that matter the most in providing excellent customer support.
Filipinos have diverse cultural backgrounds with roots deep in both Asian and Western cultures. It enables them to make better relationships with customers through personalized interaction.

Filipinos Have Brilliant English Speaking Skills

Almost 70% of the population in the Philippines can speak English. It is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world. Moreover, English is the primary medium of teaching in Philippine schools and universities.
Filipinos have brilliant English speaking skills, making them the favorite choice for many foreign companies.

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Filipinos Have Great Work Ethics

“Unequaled work ethics” is a statement that most overseas employers describe their Filipino workers.
Filipinos showcase great workmanship and are known for their industrious nature. They are reliable and can deliver well up to your expectations.

At Koala Customer Care, the majority of our customer support agents and high-ranking employees are Filipinos, and together we have accomplished hundreds and thousands of KPIs for our clients who are mostly located in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

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All of our staff are equipped with high-end telephone services, tracking, communication tools, and training resources.
For years now, our team consistently delivers reliability to all our partners.
Check out the Customer Outsourcing Services that we offer.

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