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Importance Of Quality Assurance In Customer Service

quality assurance team in customer service

Customer Support

Thriving as a successful business requires customer support. Whether you belong to the B2B or the B2C category, the need to provide customer service prevails in every sphere.

Customer service is a crucial attribute of every business. It is next to impossible to expect growth without having customer support for your business. Still wondering how?

Think of a situation where someone is trying to sell a product to you without addressing your queries regarding the product. Would you buy it?

An intelligent buyer would never make a purchase based on any vague information. In fact, it’s a usual behavior of customers, and an easy interpretation of the scenario explains the importance of having customer support.

Learn more about the best ways to improve B2B customer experience here.

Customers Need to be Satisfied

The growth of a business lies in its satisfied customers. Apart from the good quality products or services, the customer service experience you deliver plays a major role in driving your business to success.

Bad customer service leads to unhappy customers, and it is not what you would ever want to have as a business owner. And it again brings the importance of customer support into focus.

When you provide contact points to the audience, it gets easier for them to connect to your company and get the information they need before buying a product or service.

Keeping the customers’ satisfaction on priority is what successful businesses do, and they do it by providing excellent customer service.

How to Improve Customer Service?

Number one, building an attentive customer support team in-house to provide resolutions to the customers’ issues is a straightforward way to improve customer service.

Or number two, you can hire a call center with experienced agents for customer service outsourcing who can deliver instant solutions to your customers whenever you need them.

Number One - In-house customer support

Choosing to build in-house customer support means building a team of support agents from scratch. The process of building a support team inhouse involves the following steps –

Pick a location

You need to rent/lease/ buy a place for your support team.

Build the infra

Buy all the required equipment like computers headphones, and build a dedicated infra to set up the team.

Talent Acquisition

Take multiple interviews and filter the best candidates having a good skill set, including fluent communication.

Training the agents

Untrained agents offer bad interactions and wrong resolutions. Thus training the agents before letting them take live calls is highly necessary.

Appoint a supervisor

Hire a manager to supervise the operations of the team.

(The various costs linked with building in-house customer support include – infra costs, hiring costs, hardware costs etc.)

Though the in-house customer support team works closely with the management, the choice counts as a costlier one. The huge upfront costs of building an in-house customer support team put a lot of burden on a budget of small and medium businesses.

If you want to cut short on the expenses, the next option is the most suitable one for you.

Number two - Customer Service Outsourcing

Hiring a call center to handle all the customers’ queries and provide solutions to them is termed customer service outsourcing.

A call center is usually a company with a large team of skilled agents who can be trained to suit your business requirements and best resolution to the customers.

When you choose Customer Service Outsourcing, you eliminate all the high costs involved in building in-house customer support. It is a decent choice for all startups and SMEs for many reasons, and instant activation and costs are the first two.

Giving the contract to a reputed call center for customer service outsourcing, you stay assured of achieving higher customer satisfaction with improved customer service.

Benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing


Eliminates the different costs like buying computers and hardware, building infrastructure, training, etc.

Saves Time

Zeroes the need to spend time on talent acquisition and managing the whole team. It lets you focus more on other crucial aspects of the business.

Omnichannel Support

Customer Service Outsourcing lets you add omnichannel support to your business without much effort.

24/7 Service

Flexible working shifts allow your business to stay available 24/7 for the customers.

But even after so many benefits of customer service outsourcing over in-house customer support, there is a misconception that often distracts businesses from hiring call centers for outsourcing customer support.

The Misconception

For many business owners, customer service outsourcing lacks the interference of the management and thus leads to compromises with the quality of customer support.

While it could be a possibility, advanced call centers like Koala Customer Care offer easy access to businesses to monitor the performance of representatives and keep a check on the quality of customer service.

If you are not clear about how the Quality factor plays a decisive role in choosing between in-house support or customer service outsourcing, you must read about the importance of quality in customer service.

Quality - The most Crucial Aspect of Customer Service

Every business wishes to maximize its revenue potential, and customer service helps each one of them to scale to the desired levels. When we are talking about customer service, we mean short waiting times, personal interaction, and correct information delivery.

Companies with experience in providing customer service outsourcing pay detailed attention to providing quality customer services to ensure a world-class customer experience.

Quality Assurance In Customer Service

Quality Assurance refers to the process of analyzing the quality of service provided to the customers by the customer care reps. Quality Assurance (QA) is measured on multiple parameters like – the right tone and language, solving customer problems, following protocols, etc.

The aim of QA in customer service is to find loopholes and inefficiencies in the process.

A quality manager audits the conversations between customers and reps across various channels and rates the calls based on a dedicated scorecard. You’ll also read how customer service outsourcing services providers draft a quality assurance program for quality assurance in customer service outsourcing. But prior to that, know-how customer service quality assurance helps in business growth in the next section of this blog.

Click here to know more about quality assurance in customer service.

Customer Service Quality Assurance - Business Growth Booster

When a customer support team is associated with your business, active monitoring of the performance of the team helps in improving the customer support practices.

Quality Assurance Helps in the following -

Improve Agent Performance

Unprofessional behavior on calls with the customers leads to a bad customer experience. Quality Assurance helps in improving the agent’s performance by coaching them on their weak points.

Customer service quality assurance identifies the errors that agents commit to focusing on improving the customer service.

Delivering great customer service to a large audience

Consistently providing high-quality customer services to the audience is a must for every business to expand its reach and generate more revenue.

Quality assurance helps in keeping the support team updated with the best practices to deliver the best customer service. It helps you in formulating an ideal tone that agents should use to improve the interaction with the customers. QA helps in measuring the fastest resolution teams and discovering the tools used to provide world-class support to the customers.

Thus, QA sets a benchmark for the kind of service every agent should provide.

Boosts the Morale of Agents

Happy and empowered agents deliver the best customer support services. Agents with a calm mind fetch instant solutions to the customers and improve the experience of the customers.

Discussing the performance of the customer support team on a weekly or monthly basis keeps the agents aware of the areas they need to improve and builds them more confidence.

It morales up the agents and brings out their best performance in dealing with the customers and providing resolutions to the customers.

QA Program - customer service outsourcing Companies

Outstanding customer service outsourcing services providers have their own QA Program to ensure the best customer support to their client’s businesses.

The Quality Assurance Programs is developed on the following factors -

Defining Customer Support Values

A well-managed call center starts building a QA scorecard by defining the customer support values. The ideal values replicate customer expectations and brand value.

Good customer support values focus on instant responses, empathy, and making the interaction more personalized.

QA Scorecard

A QA scorecard lays the foundation of the customer service Quality Assurance program as it allows analysts to find if agents are functioning on the set quality requirements.

The two components of a QA scorecard are –

  • A Questionnaire – the questions based on the support values.
  • A Grading System – for grading each rep on the questions

A few questions from a QA Scorecard –

  • “Did the agent follow X process?”
  • “Did the agent identify the customer’s issue correctly?”

Other questions are usually based on the brand and tone, efficiency, protocols, etc.

Quality Analysts use the grading system and score/grade the reps based on their performance in various tasks.

Hiring an individual or team of Quality Analysts

Customer support quality assurance is not a thing to keep on the sidelines. Therefore, a dedicated individual or a team of individuals is necessary to be formed to analyze the quality of service that agents deliver.

Call center outsourcing services that include large support teams involve the role of a dedicated quality specialist to focus on grading customer service interactions across multiple platforms. The analyst interprets the conversations/interactions and gives feedback to raise the quality of service.

Auditing the right conversations

An incomplete picture of the support conversations isn’t enough to review the performance of the team. Thus customer service outsourcing call centers choose a specific number of calls to audit that is enough to ensure that no key insight of the customer service is missed.

Usually, Quality Analysts audit 1% – 5% of customer service conversations. It differs depending on the number of conversations.

The analysts review all the calls plus those calls with customers that leave a bad customer experience and delve deeper into the problem, and find out how the interaction could be improved.

Appointing a Quality Assurance Coach

After reviewing and auditing the conversations, it is necessary to address the weaker points of the agents and improve their overall performance.

For this purpose, a Quality Assurance Coach is hired to notify where there is room for improvement and train them to eradicate issues occurring in delivering the best quality customer services.

Customer Service Quality Assurance Managers

To scale the performance of representatives, the QA managers must focus on some key points to frame the Quality Assurance Program.

The key points to focus on are –

Soft skills of Reps

  • Spelling and Grammar: correct punctuation, spelling, and sentence formation
  • Tone: includes the usage of thoughtful responses, positive language, and salutations like thanking and welcoming the customer.
  • Empathy: using empathetic notes in conversation like “I understand your concern,” etc.

 Issue resolution Ability of Reps

  • Effectiveness: this includes the ability of reps to identify the customer’s issue correctly and provide first-call resolutions.
  • Clarity: using simple language and avoiding complex jargon
  • Product knowledge: refers to the knowledge bank of reps about product features, troubleshooting, etc.

Final Word

Growth is evergreen with good customer support, and customer service outsourcing is the best way to implement incredible support service for your customers.

Koala Customer Care follows the most advanced and innovative process to terminate all the points that can cause bad customer experiences. Our defined quality assurance program enables us to provide excellent customer service outsourcing to our clients consistently.

Show that your company values its customers by opening easy access for them to connect with your business through our customer service outsourcing.

Quality Assurance, 24/7 support, cost-effectiveness are some of the best features of our call center support services. We provide incredible customer service outsourcing covering a wider field spread across – inbound calls, outbound calls, live chat support, social media support, etc.

Contact Koala Customer Care for omnichannel customer support services and take your business closer to success with higher sales and more revenue every month.

Koala Customer Care – Propelling Businesses with world-class customer service outsourcing.

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Start Outsourcing Today

We are firm believers in Quality over Quantity and spending the necessary time it takes to form a partnership with our clients. That’s why we limit the amount of new clients we onboard each month so that we can focus on providing outstanding service to each and every one of our clients.

Request a quote below and we’d be happy to discuss your options.

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