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Customer Support For Businesses

Improving your business’s customer support is the best way to build a positive image of your company. As companies are focusing on conveying seamless services to the customers, having good customer support adds a lot to the user experience.

Having a well-qualified and trained customer support team is bound to act as a powerful customer attraction and retention machine.

Importance Of Customer Support

Customer service establishes a direct relationship between your company and the customers. The front line of the response of every business. It brings the solutions for daily transactions and other issues that customers face.

The easiest definition of Customer Support can be said to be – the customer problem-solving department of your business.

Here Are A Few Benefits Of Customer Support For Companies –

● Helps In Customer Retention

A happy customer stays forever. When customers experience seamless support in grabbing your services, they are more likely to be retained for a longer time.

Providing excellent customer service helps you build a loyal customer base. It proves that your business is not just about selling but delivering the best user experiences.

● Adds To The Core Values Of A Company

The customer support team interacts with the customers every day. It works as a crucial connection point for customers to interact with your business. The customer support team acts as a branding tool, too, as it conveys your company’s values directly to the customers.

Good customer service spreads positive reviews about your business and pipes in more customers and a rise in sales.

● Customer Retention Is Cheaper Than Acquisition.

Personalized customer experience is bound to increase your online conversion rate. It signifies the importance of having good customer support in driving more revenue to your business.

● Generates Referrals

Existing customers who are satisfied with your business’s customer service share their experiences with their family and friends. It thus leads to the generation of quality referrals, and the stream of new customers keeps on flowing to your business.

● Get An Advantage Over The Competitors

Not just good customer service floods in a lot of new customers and help in retaining them, it also takes you ahead in the competition.

A fluent customer service strengthens the core values of your business and raises the reputation of your company among the customers and the industry.

The importance of having well-trained customer support for your business is pretty clear now. But to put the plan on the floor is what matters.

Adding an in-house team for customer support can be a costly affair for many small and medium enterprises/businesses. Besides the pay, there are many aspects that might incur a lot of costs.

The Various Costs Of Constructing In-House Customer Support

● Hiring Costs

To build a customer support team would require you to hire motivated agents that can deliver excellent customer service. Identifying, interviewing, and recruiting can leave you with a cost even before the agent joins.

It’s a challenge for startups and early-stage companies to construct and manage an in-house customer support team as the hiring accumulates to a huge bill.

Moreover, the customer service industry has a very high turnover rate that’ll be a problem for your finances. Every time an agent leaves, it’ll be a loss for your business.

● Training Costs

You can not expect a poorly trained customer support executive to deliver the best solutions to your valuable consumers.

It brings in the spotlight the need for a classified training program to teach the agents about the best customer support practices, the business, and more.

The training would also include explaining the core values of your business. Also, the training programs would require constant updates to make the agents deliver correct information about the business.

Thus Outsourcing Customer Support is always considered a great option with multiple advantages. You’ll read about it in the latter part of the blog.

● Infrastructure

Hiring a customer support team would require you to build a dedicated workstation. You need to make a long list of purchases, including computers, headsets, and more.

For SMEs, the real estate cost alone can put a lot of weight on the infrastructure. And when the demand rises, you need to add more space to accommodate a larger team.

● Inefficient Staffing

It can be a great hidden cost when having an in house customer support team. If your team is sitting idle for hours, you’re simply wasting money. You need to ensure that the idle hours get covered during the peak hours.

Hiring agents more than required can lead to high costs to your business expenses.

The factors mentioned above conclude that having a customer support team of your own is costlier. Thus, it’s not a thing for Small and Medium Businesses that are still in the early growth phase.

Customer Support Outsourcing - The Solution

By outsourcing customer support for your business, you get a team of trained professionals that are capable of delivering excellent customer service.

The Definition: Customer Support Outsourcing is a way to use a third-party service provider to handle all customer calls. The third party is usually a company with a managed team of professional customer service agents.

In simple words, you get an extra hand for your business to handle all the customer queries and solve their problems in a highly satisfying manner.

As explained above, the importance of having great customer support can’t be ignored. Solving the problem of SMEs for having a structured and trained customer support team, Outsourcing Customer Support is highly advantageous.

Reasons To Outsource Customer Support

It is one of the toughest decisions for business owners to develop an in-house team or outsource customer support.

You might come up with the argument that an in house customer support team is closer to the management. But when your business is running on the tracks of growth, it is always better to focus on the core business strategies.

Having good customer support also counts as a strong point for every business. Outsourcing customer support allows you to deliver a great customer experience as a business.

There Are More Compelling Reasons To Outsource Customer Support –

● Cost-Effective

Outsourcing customer support has been in practice for several years now. And as reported by many companies, choosing a third party vendor for customer support services saves them a lot of costs.

It is because –

  • They have the necessary infrastructure already to handle the maximum percentage of your customer support requirements.
  • Experienced and trained agents to hand to provide adequate solutions to the customers
  • Maximum efficiency without involving the hit and trial method for hiring.
● Quick And Enhanced Scalability

Outsourcing Customer Support can implement your business operations quickly with enhanced scalability.

Businesses have different peak seasons when they get a high number of calls. The existing in-house customer support team would fail to deliver 100% in these situations.

And if you think of hiring more executives to work, it’ll be an expensive decision.

When you have outsourced customer support, you stay free from the worries of scaling your business operations independently. The third-party vendor with great experience and resources takes care of everything your business needs from customer support.

● Specialized Workforce

Only trained professionals can be able to deliver satisfying customer experiences. The agents must have the technical expertise and great knowledge of your business to provide the best solutions to the customers.

Training prevents the agents from supplying wrong information to the customers, which can lead to a bad consumer experience.

Choosing to develop an in-house customer support team can distract you from the main business objectives. The path involves massive investment and causes pain in the head.

Third-party service providers save you from the upfront costs and have a highly skilled workforce to deliver the best customer support solutions.

● Best Class Technology

Customers are allergic to waiting over calls. When you keep the customers in a queue or take a lot of time to provide the solution, it frustrates them a lot.

The reputed customer support outsourcing companies like Koala Customer Care use modern technologies and deliver world-class customer services.

It is crucial to respond quickly to the customers, and the third-party vendors have the best technology and devices necessary to improve efficiency. It makes outsourcing customer support the best option for businesses, especially SMEs.

● Focus On Core Business Areas

Undoubtedly, having great customer support has to be an integral part of every business. But every industry requires varied core functions that need more focus on.

To fuel your business for success, you need to score excellence in delivering the best quality products or services. Choosing to manage the customer support team on your own can drift you away from the main business objectives.

Outsourced customer support lets you concentrate fully on establishing a great business structure while it handles all the customer interactions. And surprisingly, all of it adds a low cost to your financial ledgers.

● Increased Revenue

Companies that focus on providing good customer support tend to perform better than their competitors and clock higher profits.

Every customer wants to be treated in the best way by a company and expects to get personalized care and solutions for your problems. Outsourced Customer Support vendors deliver the most necessary solutions to the customers and convert their buying intent into a sale.

Good customer support always results in increased revenue, and outsourcing customer support is the best possible route to achieve it.

● Increased Customer Loyalty

Having simplified and effective customer support associated with your business maximizes the customers’ trust. The simple rule follows for every business, the easier it is for the consumers to use your services, the more loyal they turn to your brand.

With outsourced customer support for your business from trusted vendors like Koala Customer Care, you eliminate the friction in customer service. As you build a huge base of loyal customers, your business will pace up and show good returns for a longer-term.

These are enough reasons to choose Outsourced Customer Support. Isn’t it?

Now for the little doubts that are left in your mind about the quality of the service and other aspects. The best companies for outsourcing customer support keep a good command over their services and ensure zero gaps between you and your services.

Myths About Outsourced Customer Support

● Low Quality

Some people think that outsourcing customer support delivers a low-quality customer experience. Because of lack of involvement in the segment, business owners get puzzled in choosing between in-house or outsourced customer support.

The fact is, experienced outsourced customer support companies with the desired skills and technology deliver high-quality services at a lower cost.

● Lack Of Control

Another misconception that people have is that outsourcing customer support doesn’t stay under the control of management. It is correct that the outsourced team will operate from a different location, but there is no truth that you would have no control over their performance.

The team works as guided by you and abides by the instructions and rules set by you as a business owner. You can also get monthly reports to assess the performance of the outsourced team.

● Language

Another myth is that people who are not native speakers can’t provide the best customer experience. Countries that host outsourced customer support companies hire agents fluent in the language and can provide the best services.

Koala Customer Care - The First Choice For Outsourced Customer Support

Tackling away all the odds of customer support, Koala Customer Care provides world-class customer support services to companies.

With a wide service area in North America, we are known as the best and most technologically advanced outsourced customer support company. We are wise with our services and aim at building multiple successful businesses with great customer support.

Koala Customer Care has a dynamic team of skilled agents that can be trained according to your business requirements. Our large sphere of best quality services includes – email support, inbound calls, outbound calls, live chat support and much more.

We use modern, high-end call software and advanced tools to offer the best services. And with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we leave no stone unturned in putting up our best performance.

Build your business as a credible brand in the market that cares about the customers and treats them special. Hire Koala Customer Care and match your high-quality services with the best omnichannel customer support.

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