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The Importance of Ecommerce Customer Care

By October 8, 2022May 29th, 2023No Comments
Customer Service for Ecommerce

What is Ecommerce Customer Service?

Ecommerce customer care is like any other customer care that involves answering sales inquiries to help customers in making a decision for purchase, processing orders, and resolving customer complaints. The only difference is that it focuses on providing services to customers of businesses that belong to the eCommerce industry.

Robust customer service delivers a remarkable shopping experience that is crucial to achieving customer loyalty, a good reputation, and customer satisfaction, which all funnel down to increasing sales.

Benefits Of Customer Support In E-commerce

So why offer eCommerce Customer Care when your online store generates sales on its own?

Benefit 1: You’ll Be Able to Improve Customer Acquisition

Online shopping introduces the feeling of excitement. At some point, it can also be overwhelming to customers when there are too many exciting options for them. The best way to take them from discovery to purchase is by offering them convenient access to customer support.

An instant supply of information or help to the customer at the time they want it leads to a higher conversion rate. Especially if there’s high competition for your product/service.

Online businesses that have structured customer support make the best impact on customers and perform better on the meters of customer acquisition.

Benefit 2: You Can Achieve a Higher Customer Retention Rate

According to a Hubspot report, just a 5% increase in customer retention can increase the company’s revenue by 25% – 95%. That’s a sweet deal and that’s why it matters.

If your online business lacks convenience in accessing the services, customers wouldn’t hesitate to share their loyalty with some other brand. Ecommerce customer care adds ease of shopping on the customers’ end and streamlines a defined path to help them easily buy your products or services.

When customers receive personalized assistance, they tend to stick to your business for longer. Furthermore, if your business has after-sales Customer Support, it adds comfort to your customers – they know that you care.

Benefit 3: You Can Utilize Cross-selling and Upselling 

When you already have the manpower for customer support, you can definitely leverage the power of personalized Upselling or Cross-selling. Yes, this may turn out to be extra billable hours, but you cannot deny the fact that it is easier to persuade existing customers than new customers. 

When this is executed properly, you could get sales accounts for more than half of your business revenue. At Koala, our agents are already accustomed to this… in fact, this is one of the things that our clients love about us!

Benefit 4: Save Your Company’s Reputation

Accidents happen. The last thing that we want is to see our customers rant on social media and other public platforms. To make this even worse, 89% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. It’s a brainer that a single bad review can cost your business.

When you have customer service dedicated to complaints you can save your reputation. At Koala Customer Care, our agents are trained at handling customer complaints and even retain them. Customer satisfaction is the heart of what we do.

Are you an e-commerce business owner looking for customer support? Reach out to us at Koala – Get a Free Quote! We offer various customer care solutions for eCommerce such as Email Support, Website Chat Support, Order Processing, Social Media Handling, and After-Sales Customer Support.

Are you a business owner running an in-house customer service? We can help you save on cost without compromising quality. See our Pricing for Customer Service Outsourcing.

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