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9 Things to Know Before Outsourcing Your Customer Service – Outsource it Right

By October 8, 2022December 14th, 2022No Comments
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As a business owner or manager, outsourcing your customer service is one of the biggest and most challenging decisions that you’ll have to make.

At Koala, some of our clients are completely new to customer service, some have existing in-house customer support, and around 20% of our clients transferred to Koala as they were let down by their previous BPO partner.

Therefore, we know exactly what to look for when considering outsourcing. In this blog we intend to help you with the assessment and preparation, so you can land a successful outsourcing journey.

#1 You Should Establish Your Needs

You should determine aspects like whether you will need:

Chat support, call centre support, email support, tech support, appointment scheduling, or a mix of these services. You also need to assess whether your business will need 24-hour customer service or flexible shifts. 

A clear assessment of your needs will help you in your search for BPOs that specialize in your desired services. Some outsourcing companies may only be experienced in providing chat support. And some would have the capacity to offer all kinds of customer service outsourcing like us at Koala

#2 Get References of Your Prospect BPOs

Nothing beats this step. Talking to the provider’s current clients can give you an insight into their potential capabilities.

If they are listed on their website then reach out to their current clients and ask them if the partnership is going as expected or not. If they are getting good results, it indicates that the provider can be trusted to handle your customers.

#3 Ask About Quality Assurance

If their process does not include training and quality assurance – run as far as you can from this company.
At Koala, we take quality very seriously. That’s why all of our packages include QA at no additional cost. It’s a step we take to take care of our client’s business. Find yourself a vendor that cares about quality.

#4 What Tools and Software are Being Used

Every industry has its requirements for customer support services. You should find out if the customer support provider you are considering has all the technical resources required to manage your business. Not having the technical requirements can lead to low-quality experiences for your customers.

Inquire about how your CRM or customer database can integrate with their tools and software.

#5 Reporting & KPIs

Ask the vendor if they provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly reports on how the customer support team is performing. At a minimum, you want to be able to access reports on interaction volume, average handle time, and customer satisfaction. 

Request sample reports to see if they provide sufficient details that cover the areas you are most interested in. 

#6 Security Measures & Procedures

Another vital factor that you should look into when considering outsourcing your customer support is the security measures that are being followed to prevent any security breach in the customer data.

Before signing a contract, dig a little deeper into how your data is stored and what method is being followed to keep it secure.

#7 Understand The Billing

You need to understand how your potential provider will charge you.

Some hidden costs that may come up are:

  • One-Time Onboarding Fees
  • Training Fees
  • Additional Minutes
  • Supervisor Fees
  • After Hours Charges

Take into account every little detail regarding the pricing and check how the company plans to bill you.

#8 Determine if You Need Dedicated or Shared Agents

A good customer service provider usually offers both options. Dedicated agents are required by companies that have more detailed needs. In contrast, companies with general needs can go with the Shared Agents option.

Shared agents’ services are cost-effective as you are making use of multiple agents working across a variety of accounts. Identify your needs and choose the best option that suits your business.

#9 Ensure That Your Vendor’s Agents are Well-Trained

If you are looking for Telephone Answering Services or Outbound Call Services, ensure that your potential agents have the right tone of voice and professional manner that you expect. 

When looking for Live Chat Customer Service

or other non-voice support, make sure that the staff has been well-trained in written etiquette and the use of proper grammar and spelling.

Consider the above factors in your search for a Customer Service partner and you’ll definitely find yourself in a company that cares about speed, quality, and most importantly, your business.

Koala Customer Care strives to deliver excellent Customer Support Outsourcing Services. We have a specialized team of top customer care agents who are well-trained and speak excellent English.

Our transparent pricing and strong quality assurance policies make us one of the Top Customer Service Outsourcing Companies in the market

Be available to your customers 24/7 and 365 days a year and scale your business to new heights with improved customer support.

Your business deserves a reliable customer service outsourcing partner, contact us at Koala Customer Care.

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