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Customer Service For Ecommerce

The online market is growing double quickly, with a huge percentage of people choosing the eCommerce stores and online platforms to buy products and services. And it brings into the spotlight the need for customer support for online/eCommerce businesses.

Behind the flourishing and growing attitude of the online market is the convenience it provides to the customers. The demand of new generation customers has a structure made with – ease of purchase, customer support, and the essence of personalized shopping.

Irrespective of whether your business has a brick-and-mortar location or has a completely online business, it should have robust customer support.

A robust customer service system is labeled a primary addition every business must-have, especially the eCommerce businesses. The uncut stream of support when it flows to the customer delivers remarkable shopping experiences to the customers.

Unarguably, a call center is an effective tool to generate good customer experiences and floods in a lot of other benefits.

What Is Ecommerce Customer Support?

Ecommerce Customer Support – It is the assistance that online businesses provide their customers for a better customer experience. From helping customers in making a decision for purchase to the support they need afterward for resolving issues, well-managed eCommerce customer support is the key player in bringing more revenue to online businesses.

In other words, customer Support is that expert tool that defines the success of online/ eCommerce businesses. Good customer support opens more opportunities for businesses to get increased sales.

Wondering How?

Keep reading the blog to know everything about eCommerce customer support and how it impacts the business.

Ecommerce Customer Service Vs. Retail Service

It is essential for you to understand what drives the differences between eCommerce customer service and retail service.

The first thing that should be clear to you is that both businesses work on different fundamentals. Online businesses are more about ease of shopping while the brick and mortar stores tune the customers with a great personalized experience.

And ECommerce customer support is the way to add the essence of personalized experience into online shopping.

The Difference

When a person is out shopping and enters a store, the attendant or the staff can interpret your behavior to find out your buying intent. The clerk will show the products that are more likely to suit the style needs of the customer.

The clerk has valuable information about the customers, like evaluating their body language, and thus can deal with them accordingly.

On the other hand, when customers shop online, there are no visual clues to the business owners to mold the interest of the buyer and get a sale. But customers do really want the same personalized assistance they would get in a store.

In Ecommerce customer support, the assurance comes in the form of data and not personal interactions. The information you collect from the various platforms consumers use to interact with your products or services online gives you valuable insights into improving the customers’ experience with your business.

After having this much information, you are ready to proceed further to find the benefits of eCommerce customer support and the best practices to improve it.

Benefits Of Customer Support In Ecommerce

Digitalization is the ongoing revolution and has already brought masses across the globe under its shadow. Being digital has become a habit of the generation and is likely to be transferred to the coming ones.

In a published report, there were 263 million online buyers in the US in 2019, and the number is predicted to grow to 282.7 million by 2024.

Now the data defines the need to improve the customer support for eCommerce. Find out the benefits of having a highly functional eCommerce support.

Better Customer Acquisition

Online shopping introduces buyers to a number of options. What can attract the customers is the easy access to the information they need and support required in checking out the product to make the final purchase.

An instant supply of information or help to the customer at the time they want it leads to a higher conversion rate. In a market where multiple businesses are selling the same product as yours, the only way to lure customers is by providing outstanding customer support.

Online businesses that have structured customer support make the best impact on customers and perform better on the meters of customer acquisition.

1. In House Customer Support

An in-house customer support team is developed by the management of the company, with a lot of costs put into talent acquisition and infrastructure. The HR interviews and hires the agents, the designated person gives the training, and then the trained agents take the live calls to interact and help the customers with their problems.

The in-house team works closely with the management, but this is usually a costly attribute for SMEs.

Higher Customer Retention Rate

If your online business lacks convenience in accessing the services, customers wouldn’t mind sharing their loyalty with some other brand. Ecommerce customer support adds ease of shopping on the customers’ end and streamlines a defined path to help them easily buy your products or services.

Online shopping can get overwhelming for customers if not provided with the right support. Ecommerce customer support paves the path for a comfortable user experience and assists the customers in making a buying decision with comprehensive support from the very beginning.

When customers get personalized assistance through the process of making an online purchase, they tend to stick to your business for longer. The support you provide to the customers for the issues that occur after sales showcases that you care for your customers.

Instant resolutions delivered to the customers are bound to increase the customer retention rate of your online business.

More Attentive Customer Service

Ecommerce is all about technology and better use of it. When an online business focuses on using advanced eCommerce customer support, it improves the customers’ experiences with the business.

Modern technologies enable you to provide dedicated solutions to customers’ queries in a highly effective way. It adds value to your business with attentive customer service.

With various eCommerce support tools available today like automation, software management systems, and integrations, it has become easier for businesses to supply the help they need and where they need it.

Click here to find how customer service can help businesses boost their sales.

Practices To Improve E-Commerce Support

1. Integrate An Inbox With Your ECommerce Support

Organize your customer support with a dedicated inbox integrated into your eCommerce support. Equip your business with the best customer support software and build a brand with strong customer service values.

Research the tools that agents most use to deliver support services. With a shared inbox, you can get a real-time command over the customers’ requests and provide perfect solutions.

An integrated email streamlines the workflow of your business in tracking the interaction of every customer with your business over time. It makes collecting and evaluating customer requests easier for your business and enables better customer support.

The integration allows your business to breathe in a more structured environment as the support representatives can access a proper breakdown of a customer’s interaction with your business.

More benefits of integration –

  • Personalized folders for agents or teams
  • Channel-based folders to separate submission sources
  • The severity of the request sorts priority folders
  • Time-based folders so nothing, and nobody falls through the cracks
  • Folders for starred conversations

All these features combine to reduce the response time of the reps and make it possible for them to provide quicker responses in the context of the queries.

2. Adding Self Service To Your Business

Providing a bulk of information to the customers in a sorted manner lets the customers make informed purchases. When you provide self-service options to the customers, it increases the level of satisfaction of the customers as most of them prefer to solve the issue by themselves before calling customer support. Moreover, it reduces the volume of support on the agents.

But to enjoy this advantage, you must focus on building a help center with in-depth tutorials and clear information. Overall, a good knowledge base provided to the customers leads to satisfying experiences for the customers.

To begin with, you can try adding FAQs, information regarding delivery and return policy, etc.

3. Measure The KPIs

Ecommerce businesses have a whole stack of parameters to track. But the good thing is, you can compile all of them into a few KPIs to track the performance of your business in terms of customer support.

A few of the KPIs to measure the customer experience are –

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Repeat Customer Rate (RCR)
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV)

To measure the customer support experience of your consumers, focus on more areas like customer happiness and tag insights.

You can bring down the number of total conversations by developing detailed knowledge for the customers. Providing personalized responses in a reduced response time should also be one objective of your eCommerce support.

The information collected from the customers by the support agents also helps your eCommerce business in improving its services and products for a better customer experience.

4. Automate And Enjoy

Automation is a crucial role player in delivering remarkable customer services. It is the key ingredient for building incredible customer service.

The most common automation that every eCommerce business is equipped with is a group of transaction messages that includes – Order confirmations, shipping notifications, billing receipts, etc.

But on the path to introducing automation, an online business should never lose the essence of delivering a personalized customer care experience.

Draft automated messages that sound more like a human than bots. It’ll maintain the personal relationship of the customers with your business and create better bonds for a long-lasting partnership with them.

6. Call Center Outsourcing Services For Ecommerce
5. Get Omnichannel Support

A business has several departments that supervise various operations. Business owners spend a lot on every segment.

But one key addition that businesses often sideline is the addition of structured customer support. When a company has dedicated representatives to attend to the customers’ issues and provide resolutions to them, it delivers a great customer experience, and it leaves a good impression of the company on the customers.

The need for customer support for a business can be well defined with its following benefits –

  • Increases conversion rate
  • Helps in brand recognition
  • Build loyal customers
  • Increases the profits
  • Reduces customer retention rate
  • And more.

So you must also want customer support for your business. But how?

Choosing to develop an in-house team of customer support reps is not an option for SMEs, startups, and businesses that are in the early growth phase.

Isn’t there a solution for it?

There is, and it’s called, call center outsourcing service.

Building a customer support team on your own can add many expensive bills to your ledger. Small and medium enterprises can hire a third-party vendor that provides call center outsourcing services.

When a company hires a third-party service provider to handle its customer support by managing both inbound and outbound fields, it is called outsourcing customer support.

Benefits of Outsourcing Call Center Services

 A long list of benefits adds to your business when you hire a company for call center outsourcing services. It includes the following –

  • Cost-effective
  • Improves customer experience
  • Better management
  • Time saver
  • And more

Discover more benefits of hiring call center outsourcing services here.

Customers have their own preferences while looking for support from a company. Seeking help over a call is the first choice for many customers.

Connecting with a customer support representative over call removes all the barricades and lets the customers connect directly with your company’s support team.

The call center/ support team representative would represent your business and thus must be trained to provide resolutions to the customers.

But the new-gen customers are exploring other options also to get answers to their queries. These include – live chat support, video calls, social media channels, and a few more.

Thus, having omnichannel support for your eCommerce business counts as a must. You wouldn’t want to lose a valuable customer just for not acknowledging the issue in a convenient way for the customer.

Best Call Center Outsourcing Services – Koala Customer Care

Having customer support won’t work but having good customer support for your eCommerce business is the need.

A bad interaction with the support representative can cost the company losing a customer forever. Koala Customer Care provides outstanding call center outsourcing services to businesses and leads them to create a better image in the market with simplified customer care services.

We have all the modern tools to ensure omnichannel support to your customers. It includes everything from live chat support, video calls, social media channels, email support, and more.

Koala Customer Care is the most technologically advanced company for all sorts of call center outsourcing services.

Happy customers equal loyalty, and the equation further implies more revenue for your business. Hire us and enjoy all the perks of having trained customer support.

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