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Things to Know Before Outsourcing Your Customer Service

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Outsource Customer Support

Outsourced Customer Service has grown massively in the modern business realm. More and more companies are focusing on adding the benefits of customer support outsourcing. The obvious reasons are lower upfront costs, no infrastructure costs, and a lot more.

Hiring a third-party vendor to handle the customer support services farms away all your worries of managing the bulk of customer calls. It helps you focus more on the core objectives of your business and renders your customers the best customer service experience.

Why Choose Outsource Customer Support?

Building good relationships with the customers should be one of the key focuses of your business. But it should never impact the primary goals of your business.

Outsourcing customer support counts as the best practice to grow an improved customer service. Skillful and trained representatives are bound to deliver absolute information to the customers maintaining a great interaction.

For startups and SMEs, avoiding the costs of developing and managing in-house customer support. Choosing a call center to outsource customer support is profitable for businesses. Know-how –

The biggest reasons for choosing to outsource customer support are -

● Better Customer Service

You can’t deny the significance of qualified customer service in a business model. It is like an extended arm of your company that works to retain the customers by building trust.

It is essential to build better relationships with the customers to avoid losing potential sales in the future. Outsourcing customer support is the most practical method to improve the customer experience, thereby raising the number of returning customers.

The outsourced customer service providers are skilled and experienced to ensure the highest bar of customer satisfaction.

● Cuts down the costs

Since you don’t need to build a customer support team from scratch, it saves you from huge upfront costs. It is one of the biggest advantages for SMEs as it’s hard to compromise with other essential business operations.

But before you let a third party take care of your valuable assets, your customers, you must give a scan to the quality of the services they provide. Many companies prefer to outsource customer support services from companies that have Filipino agents.

Yes, it’s true. You’ll find out the reasons behind this special preference in the latter part of this blog.

● Time Saver

Especially when your business is in the growing stage, the decision of choosing to outsource customer support saves you a lot of time.

You don’t need to focus much on customer support management. It eliminates the need to put time and other resources into talent acquisition. This way, you spare enough time to deal with more important issues that require your attention.

● Flexible Services

Outsourced Customer Support services enable you to provide extended hours of support to the customers. Most of the third-party vendors follow the schedule of flexible shifts.

It ensures that even when you have called it off for the day, your customers can enjoy continuous support round the clock. Hence, choosing a trusted company like  Koala Customer Care to outsource customer support is always a wise decision.

● Boosts Revenue

Happy and satisfied customers mean more revenue flowing into the accounts. Customers love to be treated as individuals and appreciate getting personalized attention.

When customers are happy, they are bound to stick with your business for longer. When you build a bond of trust with the customers, they are likely to buy the premium products and publicize your services among their social circles.

Outsourcing customer care services streamlines a seamless process to provide the best customer support experiences.

● Omnichannel Support

Customers want instant resolution and want it their way. Many would prefer to make a call to customer care, while some would prefer to use the live chat support or video call to get their query answered.

To establish your business as a responsible brand that cares about the customers, you must open all the doors of customer support. Hire a firm that provides omnichannel customer support services like email support, inbound calls, live chat support, and more.

These are the top reasons you should choose to outsource customer support that is enough to make a decision.

Finding the Perfect Customer Support Outsourcing Company

Your decision to outsource customer support services isn’t worth it if you fail to hire the best agents. A company for customer support outsourcing is better defined by the agents or representatives working in it.

Revealing the secret, Filipinos are rated as the best pick for customer support outsourcing. Many factors compile to make Filipinos the best pick for outsourcing customer support.

Reasons to Hire Filipino Agents -

Whatever criteria you follow, Filipinos would turn out to be the number one choice for customer support outsourcing.

The many attributes of the Filipino Customer Support Agents that define them as the best are –

● High Literacy Rate

The Philippines has a whopping literacy rate of around 98%, which is higher than most developed countries.

An interesting thing to know about the Philippines, the country produces over half a million graduates every year. Many of the graduates look to make a career in the BPO sector, reasons being competitive salary and great career opportunities.

● Vivid Cultural Background

Communication and interaction are two different components that matter the most in providing excellent customer support.

Filipinos have a diverse cultural background with roots deep in both the Asian and Western cultures. It enables them to make better relationships with customers through personalized interaction.

● Brilliant English Speaking Skills

Almost 70% of the population in the Philippines can speak English. It is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world. Moreover, English is the primary medium of teaching in schools and universities.

Filipinos have brilliant English speaking skills, making them the favorite choice for many foreign companies.

● Great Work Ethics

Filipinos showcase great workmanship and are known for their industrious nature. They are reliable and can deliver well up to your expectations.

 When you have Filipino agents in your outsourced customer support team, you can rest assured of the quality, performance, and delivery of services to the customers.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Customer Support Outsourcing Company

Before you let someone else represent your company, it’s important to consider the following factors –

● Be clear with what you want

Before you start interviewing the contact centers, you must be very clear with what you want from the provider.

You should determine aspects like whether you will need 24-hour service or flexible shifts? Do you want the emails to be answered? Need live chat support representatives or agents for appointment scheduling?

It lets you refine your search and keep only those companies as an option that provide your desired services.

● Get References

Nothing beats this step. Talking to the provider’s current clients gives you an insight into its working capabilities.

Speak with the current clients of the vendor and ask them if the partnership is going as expected or not. You can also look for outsourced customer support companies that are delivering services to your industry competitors.

If they are getting good results, it indicates that the vendor can hire, train, and deliver the best service for the types of calls you want the service for.

Also, look into whether the third-party service provider would keep dedicated agents for your business and discuss the training schedule before going live on the floor.

● Know if they have the resources or not

Every industry has its own requirements for customer support services. You are required to find out if the outsourced customer support provider has all the technical resources or not.

Vendors that are weak on the tech end can lead to low-quality experiences for your customers. Also, check if the company has the required ​​technology certifications, language proficiency, or prerequisite experience in the same industry as your business.

Go through the current services they are delivering and evaluate if the agents can represent your brand and convey your message to the customers in the right manner or not.

Customer support executives are the ones who would interact daily with your consumers. Interview the team leaders who would be managing your project to interpret if they can manage your business’ BPO requirements well or not.

● Make sure Customer Support Center Data integrates with your CRM

It is the most crucial point to identify the best customer support service vendor. Ask the company if they can manage your customer database and the path they would use to integrate the same to your CRM tool.

Knowing your customers is essential to delivering the best services to them from your end. The deeper you understand your customers, the more you become capable of fulfilling their requirements.

● Ensure Social Media Integration

Customers prefer social interactions, and the numbers are most likely to match the phone interactions in the coming years.

So make sure that the contact center can handle social media as effectively as phone-based interactions. You need to understand that customers who don’t get their social media queries addressed on time won’t hesitate to compromise their loyalty with some other brand.

● Discuss policies, security measures, and procedures for report sharing

One more vital feature that you should look at in outsourcing customer support is the security measures that they follow to prevent any security breach in the customer’s data.

Ask the vendors if they provide a weekly or monthly report of the customer support team’s performance. Take a look at their previous reports to see if they provide sufficient details to interpret the customer interaction.

Before signing the contract, dig a little deeper into how they store your data and what method they follow to keep it separated from other clients’ information.

Also, discuss all the policies that outline their documented and verifiable data recovery plan.

● Understand their charges

You can not skip this step at any cost. It is essential for you to understand how the vendor will charge you.

Take into account every little detail regarding the pricing and check if the company would charge you by rounding it up to the next minute or next second.

And if a company charges you for the time on hold, it is not an option for you.

More Factors To Consider Before Hiring a Call Center

● Inbound/ Outbound Services

The key role of a Call Center is to interact with customers and provide them with the best resolutions regarding their issues with your products or services. Call centers can even provide technical information to the customers after getting queries. These are inbound services.

Not for every business, but some have a need to reach out to the customers for lead generation, collecting survey data, or more. These are called outbound services.

The one that provides the facility of both inbound and outbound services is a good choice if your business needs both.

● Dedicated or Shared Agents

A good call center/ customer support center would have both options. Dedicated agents are required by companies that have more detailed needs. In contrast, companies with general needs can go with Shared Agents.

Shared agents’ services are cost-effective as they come with a little compromise on attention. Identify your needs and choose the best option to outsource customer support.

● Minimum Call Volumes

Many customer support centers have a threshold for the number of calls and would charge you for it anyway. If you wish to outsource customer support for small businesses that don’t expect many calls, it’s not a profitable deal.

If your business gets a huge amount of calls, then it is the option that would seem a more cost-effective deal for you.


Although there are many factors that determine the quality of service of a customer support center, the skills of agents matter the most.

If the representatives are experienced and have the desired qualities of a customer care agent, the company would definitely benefit your business with its services.

And one sure way to achieve it is by outsourcing customer support from a company with Filipino agents. These agents have high-end skills to interact with the customers and offer them the solution they seek.

Koala Customer Care strives to deliver excellent customer support outsourcing services, including inbound, outbound, admin, and contact center services. We have a specialized team of more than 200+ customer care agents in Manila, Philippines. All our agents are well qualified and speak brilliant English to communicate with the customers in the best way.

Our transparent pricing and strong security policies make us the best-rated firm for outsourced customer support.

Be available for your valuable customers 24/7 and 365 days a year and scale your business to new heights with improved customer support.

Hire Koala Customer Care to advance your customer support center in a highly cost-effective way.

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Start Outsourcing Today

We are firm believers in Quality over Quantity and spending the necessary time it takes to form a partnership with our clients. That’s why we limit the amount of new clients we onboard each month so that we can focus on providing outstanding service to each and every one of our clients.

Request a quote below and we’d be happy to discuss your options.