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Why more businesses are outsourcing their Customer Service

By October 8, 2022February 20th, 2023No Comments
Why Outsource Your Customer Service

Customer Support For Businesses

Even giant companies like Target, The Bank of America, Google, JPMorgan Chase & Co, American Express, and Amazon are outsourcing their customer service. Because why not? Outsourcing offers an instant cost-saving solution to businesses of all sizes. Other than the benefit of cost-cutting, here are more good reasons why businesses outsource their customer service.

Increase your Efficiency; Refocus on Business Growth

With outsourcing, you can finally offload the stress of staff management, training of both new and tenured agents, maintenance of tools, as well as the costs involved for that matter. Your customer service partner will have all the resources needed to maintain your customer service. You’ll be left with more valuable time for your business and re-adjust your focus on increasing sales and developing your products/services.

You Get Professionals

When you are maintaining your in-house customer service, you strive to make improvements through skills training and tool upgrades. And yet they still don’t hit the satisfaction mark. You could also wish that you have enough data to tell the day-to-day and month-on-month performances, but they are insufficient to help you make decisions.

When you hire the right customer service outsourcing partner, all the mysteries will be solved. Your provider will oversee the staff management, and keep you informed of the metrics that are important to your business goals. For a fraction of the cost, you’ll be able to provide skilled expertise to your customers. Providing professional, quality service will be a reality instead of an experiment. They are trained at navigating conversations in order to minimize handling time while aiming for customer satisfaction. 

Bear in mind that not all customer service outsourcing providers are equal. The right customer service provider will have all the tools needed, the skills set, documentation, sufficient staffing, and the Quality Assurance process to maintain the level of quality that your customers deserve. 

Ability to Offer 24/7 Coverage Without Breaking the Bank

Our customer service is only available during business hours.” This line is truly disappointing for your customers. You can take it up a notch by offering 24/7 coverage! Sounds expensive? It is expensive and more of a headache booster when you want to do it in-house. Think about the overhead cost on top of the billable hours. But with customer service outsourcing? It’s a proven setup and a lot cheaper.

For us at Koala Customer Care, we have agents located in the Philippines which makes it possible for us to offer 24/7 operation, and yet provide world-class customer service at an affordable price. 

When you want to offer 24-hour customer service, you gain an advantage over your competitors, and on top of that is increased customer retention and a higher possibility of increasing sales. 

Save BIG on Labor Costs and Operational Costs

You’ll no longer be haunted by the fluctuations of salary costs, employee benefits, overhead costs, training costs, maintenance costs, and other surprises. With outsourcing, pricing is pretty straightforward and you can be able to set a maximum monthly spend. Popular contracts are pay-per-minute, pay-per-agent, or pay-per-hour, depending on the needs, and nature of your business. 

Cutting costs does not necessarily equate to reduced quality, in fact, for us at Koala Customer Care, we are able to improve customer satisfaction for our clients in US, Europe, and Canada. Check out our Customer Service Pricing Model.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Having simplified and effective customer support associated with your business maximizes the customers’ trust. The simple rule follows for every business, the easier it is for the consumers to use your services, the more loyal they turn to your brand.

With outsourced customer support for your business from trusted vendors like Koala Customer Care, you eliminate the friction in customer service. As you build a huge base of loyal customers, your business will pace up and show good returns in the long term.

Now for the little doubts that are left in your mind about the quality of the service and other aspects. The best companies for outsourcing customer support keep a good command over their services and ensure zero gaps between you and your services.

Koala Customer Care – The First Choice For Outsourced Customer Support

Tackling away all the odds of customer support, Koala Customer Care provides world-class customer support services for your business.

With a wide service area in North America, we are known as one of the best and most technologically advanced outsourced customer support company. We are wise with our services and aim at building multiple successful businesses with great customer support.

Koala Customer Care has a dynamic team of skilled agents that can be trained according to your business requirements. Our large sphere of best-quality services includes – email support, inbound calls, outbound calls, live chat support, and much more.

We use modern, high-end call software and advanced tools to offer the best services. And with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we leave no stone unturned in putting up our best performance.

Build your business as a credible brand in the market that cares about the customers and treats them special. Hire Koala Customer Care and match your high-quality services with the best omnichannel customer support.

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